A Day in the Life of an SMC Women's Soccer- Abigail Gibson

A Day in the Life of an SMC Women's Soccer- Abigail Gibson

This morning we started practice at 10 am with 2 warm-up laps around the soccer field, followed by stretching dynamically and circle stretches. After warm-ups, we reviewed the scrimmage and talked about how we can tighten the midfield, the defense could watch the holes that the opposing team could have passing lanes through, and about keeping the ball on the ground in the defense lanes so we can play a more controlled game. We discussed how we could communicate more as a team because in any sport and especially soccer, this is extremely important. 

We did have a lighter practice because we focused on our defense. We started with two touch passes and then went into trapping balls. Our drills for the practice were set based on our discussion about the scrimmage. We ended with a stretch, that was our first practice of the day so we went to lunch in the cafe. 

At 3 pm we had our second practice. Again, a lighter practice, focusing on sprints. We played a couple of light games, like tag, sharks and minnows, and kickball. Something to keep us moving but also fun and allows us to continue to love what we do. 

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