Men and Women's XC at Louisville Classic

Men and Women's XC at Louisville Classic

Louisville, K.Y. - SMC Pioneer Men’s and Women's team competed in the Louisville Classic on Saturday, Oct. 5th. There were over 200 teams in attendance at the cross country event.  The men’s blue race kicked off at 10:25am and SMC’s Nigel Dos Santos once again led the way for the men’s team. Nigel finished the race with a time of 26:42 in the 8k event. Andrew Scruggs and Shawn Hamilton finished just off pace with a time of 28:36 and 29:08 respectfully. The mens team was boosted by Clayton Glenn and Brinton Leidy to finish with an overall of 28:49.   

On the women’s sideShelby Hilt and Ashely Blanton set the pace for the women’s team in the 5k eventHowever, it was the mid-pack of Tori Edwards, Megan Hill, and Caroline Garner that came up big for the women’s team.  Both Tori and Caroline set all-time Pr’s for themselves and help position the women’s team with an overall average of 22:41.      

Meet Information: 
Louisville Classic  
Men's 8K and Women's 5K 
Tom Sawyer Park 

Louisville, KY 
Oct. 5th, 2019 



-Nigel Dos Santos finished 141th with a time of 26:42.    

-Men’s Team average time dropping to 28:49 and all men finishing under 30’s 

-Caroline Garner and Tori Edward setting all-time PR’s.    

-Women’s team average dropping to 22:41 

"Great venue and great race to press a little. It was a nice pre-championship quality race. It was very good for me to see the confidence in the team as they finished today. Nothing better than knowing your hard work is paying off.  As I told the team, it is just a start for them. They have much more talent in them"  says, Ken Roach          
Looking ahead, the Pioneer Cross Country team will travel to John’s Island in Charleston for the John’s Island Half Marathon on Oct. 12th.